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2014 Special Real-Time FX Added to LD Assistant
• Relase of LD Assistant 2014
• FX Wind
• FX Walter

2013 Special FX added to LD Assistant
• Release of LD Assistant Ac 2013
• DMX Patch Editer
• Smoke/Noise in the beam of light

2012 CAD-N-Lighting News Launched for fifth year
• New block library delivered

2011 Release of LD Assistant Ac 2012
• Pyrotechnic Effects added
• Wire & Cable added

2010 Release of LD Assistant Ac 2010
• 3D Audio added
• New block library delivered

2009 Design & Drafting Adds sACN To LD Assistant Ac 08
• LD Assistant 08.5 with remote view and control of lighting
• Added connection to ETC Consoles and Dimming Systems using sACN
• Support for Pathway's Pathport added
• New block library delivered
• Audio & video playback on any block in real time

2008 Design & Drafting Adds Real-Time Video and Total Show Simulation© to LD Assistant 08
• Design & Drafting first to offer VIDEO anywhere and Real-time Show Simulation
• Design & Drafting become NVIDIA developers
• Real-time LIVE over the internet support offered to LD Assistant users

2007 Release of LD Assistant Ac 08 
• Photometric Lights,
• IES support Files
• Advanced FX rendering

2006 Release of AutoBLOCK 2007
• Release of CADcontent
• 7,000 online blocks and textures
• Release of MyBLOCKS 

2005 LD Assistant 04.5 With 64 Universes Visualizer Launched
• Design & Drafting acquires AutoBLOCK200 from MSZDesign

2004 LD Assistant 04 w/FX Rendering (Volume Light) Launched
• LD Assistant 04.2 w/FX Rendering (Lens Effects) launched

2003 AutoCAD® plug-in ACAD Lighting Launched
• Design & Drafting becomes HP Developer

2002 LD Assistant AC & PL 02 Launched
• LD Assistant Wins Product of the Year at LDI

2001 LD Assistant AC & PL 01 Launched
• i-Drop Website opened with hundreds of blocks

2000 Code Ported From VectorWorks® plug into LD Assistant Ac Standalone CAD Program
• Multiple products delivered for vertical market segments

1999 Design & Drafting become Autodesk OEM, UAR Reseller and ADN Developer
• Florin Nitu Appointed as Director of Programming
• Design & Drafting delivers 2,000 New Blocks and Textures

1999 Receives International Patent 2,010,313
• Lighting Control System

1988 Design & Drafting Launches LD Assistant Studio
• Plug-in for VectorWorks®

1997 Receives US Patent 5,600,233
• Inventor Dimmer Power Control Circuit

1995 Design & Drafting Launches LD Assistant Pro Plug-in for VectorWorks®

1994 Receives International Patent 2,241,393
• Inventor Dimmer Power Phase Control

1994 3,000 Symbols Licensed to Diehl Graphsoft (now Nemetschek)

1993 Receives US Patent 5,268,631
• Co-Inventor Dimmer Power Phase Control
• Nominated for Illinois High-Tech Award
• Design & Drafting launches Symbols Blocks Library in Mac Magazine

1992 Nominated for Illinois High-Tech Award
• Design & Drafting launches LD Assistant Plug-in for VectorWorks®

1991 Faces Chicago, lighting design and installation
• 59 West Chicago, Lighting design and installation

1990 Design & Drafting Launches Symbol library plug-in For MiniCAD VectorWorks®
• Inventor and Designer of Product of the Year 1990

1990 Receives US Patent 4,949,020
• Inventor of MOSFET Dimming

1990 Excalibur Chicago
• lighting design

1989 Whitey Herzog's Night Club (Power Station) lighting design

1988 Ditka's Arlington Park off track
• lighting design

1987 Ditka's Maryville
• lighting design

1986 Design & Drafting Draws and Copyrights 5,000 symbols/blocks
• Ditka's Night Club, lighting design


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LD Assistant is a CAD ( computer aided design software ) design software that includes lighting design, 3D Design, event design, event planning, theater lighting design and stage lighting design created with the professional designer in mind. LD Assistant Lighting Design Software has an advance graphic design engine for 3D visualization and Pre-visualization.
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