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Stage Lighting Design
Powerful 2D drafting tools are at the core of LD Assistant. LDA includes built-in database with work sheets for producing paperwork and equipment lists. The same 2D & 3D tools found in LD Assistant are used by 11,000,000 designers and architects to create their working drawings. Changes to your 2D plan will automatically be reflected in your 3D model and in the schedule.

Scenic Design
With powerful 3D modeling and presentation tools, you can design ideas in almost any form you can imagine. Simply push/pull faces, edges, and vertices to model complex shapes, add smooth surfaces. 3D tools include true Boolean operations, Loft, sweep, extrude, extrude along path, revolve, 3D array, helix, slice, 3D polyline 3D Orbit and other high-end 3D CAD features.

Event Planning
LD Assistant makes it easy to quickly create light, sound and video plots. Built with the designer in mind, LD Assistant provides you with the easiest, most cost-effective way to design your lighting and production plots. With 2D drafting, 3D modeling, and powerful presentation tools, LD Assistant offers everything you need at a price you can afford.

Entertainment Lighting Design
It doesn’t get any easier than this, advanced production tools speed the creation of realistic seating arrangements, tables and chairs placement, curtains, back drops, drapery, doors, windows, stage stairs, security post and line, turn drawn lines into a truss with a simple mouse click - and much more. Track the complete event project with customized reports and paperwork.

Event Rendering
Create renderings that look like photographs. With the latest in rendering technology, you can create stunning models in less time. Reflections and refractions generated way physically accurate. Indirect illumination techniques, like global illumination and final gathering, enhance the realism of a scene. With LD Assistant you will WOW your clients.

3D visualization
Visualize your ideas like never before, walk and flying through a 3D drawing. Integrate actors into your designs and see them come alive in real-time as you walk through your creation, while you control the lighting with the built-in or your console. Have audio and video all playing back at the same. Do More With LD Assistant.

Stage Lighting visualization
Connect LD Assistant to ETC or JANDS Vista and other lighting consoles using Art-Net and say good bye to DONGLES forever. No setup needed to connect your ETC console With sACN, you just plug your LD Assistant computer into the same network as your console and away you go.

LD Assistant comes with built-in support for 64 DMX-512 Universes, and can both send DMX and receive DMX through a dongle. Lighting consoles and lighting systems can be connected using Pathport Ethernet, Art-Net Ethernet, Art-Net Parallel, LD-Net USB, ENTTEC Ethernet, ENTTEC Open USB & Pro USB dongles. Once a plot has been created, the design is opened (with one button click) in LD Control, a real-time visualizer for pre-cueing and testing designs. Save thousands of scenes and cues within a single DWG file. Create AVI movies with the push of a button.

Lighting Design Software is 100% AutoCAD DWG File Format
LD Assistant uses Autodesk’s AutoCAD DWG file format. DWG is the native format for AutoCAD software and AutoCAD-based products. Autodesk owns, develops, and iterates the DWG file format. With eleven million users and over a billion AutoCAD DWG files in existence, no wonder other CAD software companies want you to believe that they can import and export to DWG without any problems!

LD Assistant merges advanced lighting algorithms with the industry's standard 2D drafting & 3D modeling tool set
Design Software that is specifically designed for the Entertainment Lighting Design, Stage Lighting Design, Scenic Design, Event Planning, 3D visualization, System Integration and Stage Lighting Visualization market, LD Assistant user’s interface is familiar to more than 11,000,000 users in over 130 countries. The software successfully combines stage lighting, 3D visualization, video, scenic design, event planning and 3D visualization into an ALL-IN-ONE product designed for users at any level of technical expertise.

CAD Software Performance
Designed to perform on today’s desktop and portable systems, LD Assistant users are already seeing outstanding output from current PC technology. And while you’ll be perfectly happy with the performance on a standard system, LD Assistant is designed to take full advantage of the top-of-the-line computers of today - and tomorrow! While some companies still limp by on the single-processor concepts of the last decade, we have optimized LD Assistant for multi-core and multi-processor operations. By taking advantage of Quad-Core Processors, LD Assistant grows with your computer, grows with your designs, and grows with you. When it comes to rendering and animation, you will leave your competition in the dust.


Professional and modern looking blocks are carefully drawn to scale for today's demanding designers.
LD Assistant's new LD Content library makes it easy to see what you're going to get - before you insert an object into your design. With more that 2,800 2D and 3D blocks in the new LD Content library and another 3,000 in the standard Block Navigator, LD Assistant has the largest library in our industry.

No need for two libraries!
Some programs need two libraries, one library for Imperial and one for Metric. This is not the case with LD Assistant; one professionally drawn library works for both English and Metric, saving designers from having to convert their drawing to Metric before working with a European designer, saving both time and money. With LD Assistant, your work can be sent to a designer in Europe; the designer just opens the file and continues working. Once finished, the designer sends back the file, you open it and continue your work.

Blocks include Lighting fixtures, production, sound cabinets, tents, truss, rigging, video cameras, video projection, video screens, curtains, tables, chairs, doors, windows, staging, props, visual scenery, scaffolding, pipe & boom, ceiling & wall objects, Altman, Arri, Botticelli, Chauvet, ClayPacky, Coemar, ETC, HightEnd, Leonardo, Martin, PHILIPS Vari*Lite, JamesThomas, WildFire, Atomic, back drops, ball rooms and stages to many to munch all.

With more than 25 years of creating CAD blocks for the Theatrical and Entertainment industry, Design & Drafting leads the way with CAD block design and technology.

LD Assistant is a CAD ( computer aided design software ) design software that includes lighting design, 3D Design, event design, event planning, theater lighting design and stage lighting design created with the professional designer in mind. LD Assistant Lighting Design Software has an advance graphic design engine for 3D visualization and Pre-visualization.
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