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C-172 Throttle, Mixture & Prop knobs and more are Free to download

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Sig P365 Mag Base

Sig P365 - 10, 12 & 15rd Magazine Base Plate. Custom Printed Floor Plate for Sig P365 - Black. Replaces stock plastic plate, quick install, requires NO modifications!  Printed in USA

Truckee Ice Palace

Model of the 1894 Truckee Ca. Ice Palace in CAD and printed in 3D. The models are  designed so the parts can snap together. Design and Printed in 3D

by Rufus W. Warren


DYI In-Ground Sprinkler System

The downside is once  buryed, the sprinkler can’t be rotated or easily removed for repair, moreover you have blowout the system for the winter. This is why we created the water pot.  The water pot gives you a way of rotating or to remove the sprinklers for storing in the garage for winter or for repairs if needed.   Free Water Pot STL files for download

Cessna Home Cockpit Simulator

Project C-172

C-172 Lower For Home Flight Simulators

Feel like your setting in the left seat of a Cessna 172 with a full size control panel at your fingertips. Connect this lower control to your X-Plane and use it to control the switches, trim, flaps, throttle and mixture!

This model was been printed a number of times using a Ultimaker 3

* Printed in 7 different models and snap together...

* The end caps also Snap-On

This allowing you to only print the modules you need.

If you only what the Throttle, Prop and Mixture... you only have to print the end caps and the center module.

All modules can be printed on printers that have a build volume: up to 197 x 215 x 200 mm (7.8 x 8.5 x 7.9 inches)

Designed & Printed by Rufus W. Warren III

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For The Entertainment Industry

Lighting Designers and Event Planners

The Perfect Gift of The Client Who Gave You The Biggest Job!  

As Entertainment Lighting Designers and Event Planners, we give our clients drawings and renderings in hopes of winning a job. Now take it to the next level and give the client a Real World 3D Model of the event. Drawings are one thing, Renderings another, but 3D Real World Models are Priceless. "There's nothing more exciting for a client than seeing a Real World Model of their event." Give your client a Real World Model of their event and WIN more jobs! Purchase 3D Models or Download printable STL Files.