Sprinkler System Projects

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DYI In-Ground Sprinkler System


Want a water sprinkler system that’s cheap and works?

Sprinkler systems don’t have to be hard to install.

DIY sprinkler system installation can save you money.



One such system is QuickSnap (Amazion $44.99)

and $49.00 at QuickSnap website. QuickSnap is one of the best DIY systems on the market…To use QuickSnap you dig a small hole and drop in the Pop-Up Sprinkler, fill the hole in and connect a garden hose. That’s it… you don’t have to digging up you lawn to have a professional install your sprinkler system.  Click here to Visit Quick Snap


The downside is that once bury the sprinkler you can’t move or rotate it, moreover you have to blowout the sprinkler system for the winter. This is why we created the water pot.  The water pot gives you a way of rotating or to remove the sprinklers for storing in the garage for winter or for repairs if needed.



However if you are look to save a lot money, you only need to know the 4 parts you need to make it happen.

A complete unit cost less than $16.00, that’s a saving of over $29.00 per unit!

1)      Voyager II Sprinkler  $22.99 (2 Pack) @ Amazion.com 

2)      Qty:2 1/2 in. x 3/4 in. Blu-Lock Male Pipe Thread Swing Joint $0.99 each @ orbitonline.com

3)      6” of Orbit Part #: 31572H 1/2 in. x 24 in. Blu-Lock Pipe @ orbitonline.com $2.99 (enough for 25 units)

4)      Orbit Part #: 53363 3/4 In. Female Threaded x Female Hose Threaded PVC Swivel $1.79 @ orbitonline.com

Click here to Visit Orbit online

The Part You Need


Below you will find all the part to make your own sprinkler system and save a lot of money.



Voyager II Sprinkler  $22.99 (2 Pack) @ Amazion.com


Orbit Part #: 31986 Blu-Lock Male Pipe Thread Swing Joint


Orbit Part #: 31572H Blu-Lock Pipe


Orbit Part #: 53363 3/4 In. Female Threaded x Female Hose Threaded PVC Swivel $1.79

For the water pot Visit our store to download the STL 3D print file or have us print the water pots for you.