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   LD Assistant 2010
   Edit Splines with Grips
Additional editing options are available for changing the shape of spline objects. In addition to the general editing operations available for most objects, there are additional options available for editing splines with SPLINEDIT.

You also can change the tolerance of the spline. Tolerance refers to how closely the spline fits the set of fit points you specify. The lower the tolerance, the more closely the spline fits the points.

When you select a spline, grips are displayed on its fit points (the GRIPS system variable must be set to 1). You can use grips to modify the shape and location of the spline.After certain operations, fit points are discarded and grips are displayed on control points instead. These operations include trimming the spline, moving the control points, and purging the fit data. If the spline's control frame is turned on (the SPLFRAME system variable is set to 1), grips are displayed on both the spline's control points and its fit points, when available.


You can delete fit points of a spline, add fit points for greater accuracy, or move fit points to alter the shape of a spline. You can open or close a spline and edit the spline start and end tangents. Spline direction is reversible. You can change the tolerance of the spline also. Tolerance refers to how closely the spline fits the set of fit points you specify. The lower the tolerance, the more closely the spline fits the points.

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Going To The LDI 2010 Trade Show in Las Vegas ?
•  Take The LD Assistant Training and Stay For The Show •
• LD Assistant Ac & AutoCAD w/LD Assistant PL CAD Training •
• Oct. 18-20 Las Vegas •

 LD Assistant Las Vegas CAD training is being hosted by Pat Bash of In-House Production.
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Autodesk Announces AutoCAD for Mac Built for Mac OS X - With support for native creation and editing files in the DWG file format, AutoCAD for Mac also offers easy collaboration with suppliers, customers, clients and partners regardless of platform. Files created in previous versions of AutoCAD will open seamlessly in AutoCAD for Mac, boosting productivity by reducing time-consuming file translation and cleanup of converted data. Click here to keep reading

AutoCAD Extended to iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch -
Autodesk also announced the AutoCAD WS mobile application, a new free* app soon to be available through Apple’s App Store that will extend AutoCAD to Apple’s iOS. The AutoCAD WS mobile application will enable AutoCAD users to edit and share AutoCAD files on iPad, iPhone and iPod touch so they can have real-time collaboration even while on the go. AutoCAD for Mac will also be offered free* to students and educators through the Autodesk Education Community. Click here to keep reading
Create Event Layouts in AutoCAD Freestyle For Only $49.00
freestyle Do you need to create room layouts and work with AutoCAD users? In AutoCAD Freestyle you can draw your room, create seating arrangements, place tables and drag and drop objects into your drawing.
Best of all you can open/save AutoCAD DWG drawings and PDF files.
DWG Roundtrip Mode Buttons
It’s now easier to work with DWG files created in software other than AutoCAD Freestyle. New buttons allow you to toggle between the viewport mode and paper overlay mode so that you are always drawing to scale—even if your source DWG file is highly complex. Learn more about working with DWG files.
Click here learn more about AutoCAD Freestyle
Click here to view product support
Click here for the discussion group

Now your design team can work together in DWG... for only $49.00 WOW
Design & Drafting NEWS
LD Assistant 2010 Layer Manager Work With The Industry Standard in CAD Layering!
                       With LD Assistant you never have to change layers just to add truss, fixtures or other objects to your drawing!
Aclayer2 You can make drawing layers invisible either by turning them off or by freezing them. Turning off or freezing layers is useful if you need an unobstructed view when working in detail on a particular layer or set of layers or if you don't want to plot details such as reference lines. Whether you choose to freeze layers or turn them off depends on how you work and on the size of your drawing.
On/Off. Objects on turned-off layers are invisible, but they still hide objects when you use HIDE. When you turn layers on and off, the drawing is not regenerated.
Freeze/Thaw. Objects on frozen layers are invisible and do not hide other objects. In large drawings, freezing unneeded layers speeds up operations involving display and regeneration. Thawing one or more layers may cause the drawing to be regenerated. Freezing and thawing layers takes more time than turning layers on and off.
LD Assistant 2010 Dimensions Work With The Industry Standard in CAD Dimensioning!
dim-1 Linear dimensions can be horizontal, vertical, or aligned. With aligned dimensions, the dimension line is parallel to the line (imaginary or real) between the extension line origins. Baseline (or parallel) and continued (or chain) dimensions are series of consecutive dimensions that are based on a linear dimension.

In all four illustrations, the extension line origins are designated explicitly at 1 and 2, respectively. The dimension line location is specified at 3.

As you create linear dimensions, you can modify the content of the text, the angle of the text, or the angle of the dimension line.

More Professionals Choose To Work In DWG Than Any Other File Format...That's a Fact.
SEE THE DIFFERENCE FOR YOURSELF.    Click here to request your 30 day trial today

                                   • Better Predict What Your Event Will Look Like
A realistic rendering of a model can give a product team or prospective client a clearer vision of a conceptual design than a plotted drawing.
Most drafting time is spent working on line representations of a model. On occasion, however, you might need to see a more realistic image involving color and perspective—for example, when verifying your design or when presenting a final design.
LD Assistant's advanced rendering tools produce highly detailed and photorealistic images.
Ray-traced Reflections and Refractions:
Ray tracing traces the path of rays sampled from the light source. Reflections and refractions generated this way are physically accurate.

Benefits of LD Assistant's Indirect Illumination:
Indirect illumination techniques, like global illumination and final gathering, enhance the realism of a scene by simulating radiosity, or the interreflection of light in a scene.

Final Gathering:
Final gathering is an optional, additional step used to improve global illumination (GI). It increases the number of rays used to calculate GI to smooth out and eliminate adverse lighting artifacts.

         LD Assistant is the only Theatrical, Entertainment Lighting and Event Planning CAD program that's 100% AutoCAD DWG

Autodesk® NEWS
• Introducing AutoCAD Freestyle - This $49.00 program from Autodesk uses genuine AutoCAD DWG. Other file formats include DWfx, PDF and Picture. On April 26, Autodesk launched AutoCAD Freestyle, new easy-to-use, low-cost 2D drawing software that is ideal for creating professional-looking drawings, layouts and plans. While Autodesk is primarily known for creating complex software for professionals -- designers, architects and engineers -- AutoCAD Freestyle was created for use in.... Click here to keep reading
• Autodesk Q2 Revenue Up 14% to $473M with $60M Profit. -
Revenue was $473 million, an increase of 14 percent compared to the second quarter of fiscal 2010 and approximately flat sequentially. .Click here to keep reading
Is Drawing Regen Slow? - Within AutoCAD there is a system variable called SHOWLAYERUSAGE. By setting SHOWLAYERUSAGE to “0″ (zero), the program will stop trying to reprocess all the layers and filters every time you zoom, pan, regen, or any other “update” process. A simple solution to a very annoying problem.
Using Blocks With the TOOLPALETTE - placing blocks in empty palettes, Erhan Toker, Daily AutoCAD
3D Graphics Performance Comparison - super smooth response, Rob Cohee from Autodesk confident, shaded with edges visual style, Deelip Menezes, In my initial comparison I noticed a few frame drops and a slight delay while navigating around the engine in Inventor 2011. However, when I loaded the engine in Inventor today, I could not find any of that. The response was super smooth. Earlier on, when comparing AutoCAD 2011, I had updated the NVIDIA graphics drivers.
Copy Xrefs Between Drawings - selecting, pressing Ctrl + C, copying to clipboard in AutoCAD, Leonid Nemirovsky, Cadalyst, - "If there are one or more xref drawings attached in a file (even with the same insertion point), you can select them, then press Ctrl + C (or Copy, from the Edit pull-down menu) to copy them to the clipboard. Then you can just paste them into another drawing using the pull-down menu: Edit > Paste with the Same Origin. The xrefs will be attached in proper position and scale. Just be sure the user coordinate system in both drawings is set to world."
Does Your AutoCAD Text Look Weird? - selecting AutoCAD text object, checking elevation, Indydrafter - Maybe you’ve experienced this issue or maybe you haven’t. It is also quite possible that you’ve come across this without even realizing it. After all, there are only subtle differences, but those differences are annoying none-the-less. Look at your AutoCAD Text. Look at it again. Do you see any instances of that text appearing a little larger or bolder than others?
Some Usefull Tips You Should Know About Blocks - We've learnt about preparing and placing blocks. Before moving further along, it'd be better to give some tips on blocks and really master them. For some of these tips, we have to look at placing blocks through the command line. As AutoCAD's versions get higher, the user interfaces (GUI) have become more and more useful. Commands that could only be used through the command prompt have become available via the user interface.
Building Block Library - Our 3rd article was about placing blocks. Until now, the blocks we placed were blocks that were actually in the drawing file. As I mentioned earlier, blocks saved in your hard drive can also be inserted into drawings. Of course, they first of all need to be saved onto your hard drive, your block library. We use the WBLOCK command for this.
Free DWG Viewer - Autodesk® DWG TrueView™ software is a free* stand-alone DWG™ viewer with DWG TrueConvert™ software included. Built on the same viewing engine as AutoCAD® software, DWG TrueView enables you to view the latest DWG and DXF™ files, just as you would in AutoCAD. By also installing the free* Autodesk® Design Review software, you can then open DWG files in Design Review to take advantage of powerful measure and markup capabilities, sheet set organization, and status tracking.
Free AutoCAD DWG Viewing and Editing Online - There is a free technology preview of AutoCAD DWG file viewing and editing made possible from your web browser utilizing a cloud of network computers and technology from Autodesk Labs Project Butterfly. You can easily view, edit, and collaborate with others without installing anything on your machine or those you share with. Just upload your DWG, DXF, JPG, PNG, or even a ZIP archive with external references (Xrefs). On July 1st there were many updates released to this web based Project Butterfly. Shaan Hurley, Between the Lines
w700 Hands On: ThinkPad W700ds Dual-Screen Laptop - In his recent review of the Lenovo ThinkPad W700, Cisco Cheng noted that this high-end portable workstation for photographers and artists would soon be available with an optional secondary display to complement its 17-inch, 1,920 by 1,200 screen. The idea is to relegate lower-end tasks like reading e-mail, word processing, and Web surfing to the smaller screen, leaving the full 17 inches of the primary screen free for photo or art editing.
AV Project Engineer - Ford Audio-Video Systems, Inc. - Responsible for preparing CAD system drawings, programming DSP, and designing A/V computer control systems. The remaining time is spent meeting with clients and inspecting, testing, and working at job sites. The engineer also participates in the training of the customer.

Design & Drafting News
Design & Drafting is proud to welcome Little Bear our new office German Shepherd guard dog. As you can see from the picture Bear is already on the job.
Little Bear is courageous, alert and eager to learn. She is confident and clever and is extremely faithful, and brave.
When she grows up she wants to be a C++ CAD programmer but for now she is happy chasing squirrels, taking long walks and riding in the car.
After a long hard day at the office of licking, sniffing, biting and showing teeth, Little Bear likes to relax with a four hour puppy power nap.
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