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   LD Assistant 2010
    Surface Model
You create surface models using some of the same tools that you use for solid models. For example, you can use sweeping, lofting, and revolving to create a surface model. The difference is that surface models are open ended. Solid models are closed.
LD Assistant 2010
Create Rectangular Arrays
A rectangular array is built along a baseline defined by the current snap rotation angle. This angle is zero by default, so the rows and columns of a rectangular array are orthogonal with respect to the X and Y axes. The default angle 0 direction setting can be changed in UNITS.
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Accelerate your design reviews with Autodesk® Design Review software. It’s the free*, all-digital way to view, mark up, print, and track changes to 2D and 3D designs—without the original design software.
• Increase efficiency—Use intuitive tools to measure, mark up, and review designs
• Enhance communication—Share changes quickly and concisely

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Design & Drafting NEWS
helpfiles LD Assistant 2010 New Help

Several types of tooltips provide pop-up information for interaction with toolbars, object snaps, and drafting operations.

You can view tooltips in toolbars, the menu browser, the ribbon, and dialog boxes. Initially, a basic tooltip is displayed.

If you continue to hover, the tooltip expands to display additional information.

LD Assistant 2010 New Search for Commands
Perform a real-time search for commands on the Quick Access toolbar
, in the application menu, and on the ribbon. The Search field displays at the top of the application menu. Search results can include menu commands, basic tooltips, and command prompt text strings. You can enter a search term in any language.

To clear the search field in the Application menu
  1. Click the Application button.
  2. In the Application menu, enter text in the search field.

    The spyglass button to the right of the search field becomes an [X].

  3. Click the [X] icon to the right of the search field. The search field is cleared and the [X] icon returns to a spyglass.
  LD Assistant 2010 New FX Rendering
Advanced rendering techniques allow users to render highly detailed and photorealistic images. Ray tracing traces the path of rays sampled from the light source. Reflections and refractions generated this way are physically accurate. Indirect illumination techniques, like global illumination and final gathering, enhance the realism of a scene by simulating radiosity, or the interreflection of light in a scene. Final gathering is an optional, additional step used to improve global illumination (GI). It increases the number of rays used to calculate GI to smooth out and eliminate adverse lighting artifacts.
• LD Assistant 2010 New View Undo and Redo History

The Quick Access toolbar displays options to undo and redo changes to your file. To undo or redo a less recent change, click the drop-down button to the right of the Undo and Redo buttons.
• LD Assistant 2010 software is here!
LD Assistant 2010 is here!
That means you can take advantage of advanced Schedules, Lighting & Production Tools, Console Connection, 100% true AutoCAD DWG file format, a comprehensive Fixture Library, and other new and enhanced features.
• Work more efficiently against shorter timelines and dwindling budgets.
• Minimize repetitive tasks and accelerate your time to completion.
• Design virtually any shape with 3D modeling tools.
• Boost productivity on any Microsoft® operating system – especially Windows® 7.
In a tough economy, nobody can afford to fall behind on technology.

*Free 30 day trial products are subject to the terms and conditions of the end-user license agreement that accompanies the software.

Click here to request your 30 day trial today

More LD Assistant Renderings by Swank's Designer Kevin Denzel

       • If you have to import and export to AutoCAD DWG files, why not work with the original ? •
           LD Assistant is the only Theatrical, Entertainment Lighting and Event Planning CAD program that's 100% AutoCAD DWG

Autodesk® NEWS

• Review: Maya Entertainment Creation Suite 2011

Autodesk is among the leading companies in 3-D design and creative software. Their applications include some of the major names in video editing, 3-D animation, and architecture design. Maya and MotionBuilder were used in the creation of Avatar, as well as in other big-name films, although the software suite can be used for virtually anything related to animation, character design, or 3-D rendering.

The biggest update for Mac users is newly added 64-bit support in Maya 2011 and Mudbox 2011, which makes the applications run much faster and use the computer’s resources better. MotionBuilder is still Windows only, however.
Click here to read the review

• InfoComm 2010 - Conference: InfoComm 2010 was a resounding success for everyone, more than 300 jam-packed educational seminars and 925 exhibitors at the second largest show in InfoComm history! Check out photos on our Flickr site, InfoComm 2011 will be held in Orlando, FL, June 11-17, 2011

• ACT has been appointed Lighting Designer for the “Central Station” in Brussels.
In a pan-european completion, ACT won the bid for the illumination of this heritage building designed by famous architect Victor Horta in collaboration with J-P Majot.
ALIGN vs 3DALIGN - The purpose of ALIGN and 3DALIGN is the same but the procedure differs. When you use the ALIGN command, you pick 3 sets of 2 points (source 1, destination 1; source 2, destination 2; source 3, destination 3). AutoCAD Insider - Heidi Hewett
The 3D Move Gizmo - If you work in 3D or if you don’t work in 3D but are thinking about it, you’ll definitely want to learn about the AutoCAD 3D “Gizmos”. The gizmos, also known as grip tools, were introduced in AutoCAD 2007 and provide an efficient and intuitive way for you to edit objects in 3D space. AutoCAD Insider - Heidi Hewett
Sun Properties - Today's good question comes from Ivana, who asked why she could no longer edit the Sun Properties Color in AutoCAD 2008. The color is displayed in the Properties window but it is greyed out. AutoCAD Insider - Heidi Hewett
3D Conceptual Design 141 - To convey your design intent and help others visualize your ideas, you can apply materials to your conceptual designs. The materials library is easily accessible from the tool palette and it includes more than 300 materials that you can simply drag and drop onto your model. AutoCAD Insider - Heidi Hewett
Video Tip on Change Space and Align Space - If you haven't had a chance to check out my latest Cadalyst video tip - be sure to check it out. It covers two very cool commands in AutoCAD - Change Space and Align Space. These tools were originally Express Tools but grew up and became real live AutoCAD commands. Lynn Allen’s Blog - Lynn Allen
Checking Your AutoCAD Graphics - Every year AutoCAD configurations get more complex. For example, one large jump in complexity happened in AutoCAD 2007 when we introduced Hardware acceleration. As new features are introduced – such as the new Advance Material Effect, and Smooth line display in AutoCAD 2011 – we become more and more dependent on the support of our hardware partners.
Dell Adamo XPS - Reviewed by Dan Ackermanon 03/25/2010 - Dell's high-concept Adamo XPS deserves credit for taking some serious design risks. It's a cool conversation piece, but poor battery life keeps it from being terribly useful.
Xerox Audio Visual Field Manager - Raleigh - Minimum 3 years' technical audio visual integration experience including installation, troubleshooting, service and basic control system programming required
- Project Management skills required
- Clear written and verbal communication skills are imperative
- You must be able to climb a ladder, use basic hand tools, work in confined spaces, work on a lift, and be able to lift up to 50 pounds.
- This person will sometimes have to travel for periods of 2 to 4 days
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