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Featured Article
• CAD in Live Theatre by David Ripley
David Ripley looks at how CAD is applied in live productions in
the latest issue of AUGIWorld. Click Here to download AUGIWorld Issue 6 / 2009 (PDF 9 MEG). AUGIWorld is published every two months and is made available free of charge to all AUGI members. Click here to visit AUGIWorld online
Autodesk® NEWS
• Over 1 Million Downloads for Autodesk SketchBook Mobile
Users have purchased more than 140,000 copies of SketchBook Mobile and have downloaded more than 900,000 versions of the free* Autodesk SketchBook Mobile Express on the App Store, bringing total downloads to more than one million.
• Autodesk Education Community Hits One Million Members
 Autodesk's Education Community has grown to one million student and educator members representing over 28,000 educational institutions.
Design & Drafting NEWS
• CAD-N-Lighting

Design & Drafting launches new website: receive all your "CAD in lighting" news in one place, add links, comments and a lot more.

• LD Assistant.COM

Design & Drafting opens all new LD website with a fresh new look, including more tutorials and support movies.

• New Product Help Desk

Design & Drafting adds new Help Desk for product support with Knowledge Base and TroubleShooter to quick resolution issues.

Tim   Featured LD Assistant User Timothy Burke

"I went to the LDI 2009 exhibition confident that I was going to purchase a certain lighting design software program. I had made up my mind and was excited to take their class at LDI for a quick start. After attending a two day class on the product, I was confident on how to use the program and planned to drop by their booth to make the purchase when the show opened. But, on the way to their booth I happened to walk by the Design & Drafting / LD Assistant booth; I stopped by to see what they were up to.
One of the salesmen took the time to show me how easy it was to create a lighting plot with audio and video playing back - we walked through the design in real-time while the lighting was being controlled by a lighting console! I have to say I had never seen a program that was that easy to use.

I spent more that an hour at the Design & Drafting booth, asking questions about 'how to do this' and 'how to do that', and I was quickly shown exactly how to do it. At this point I decided to rethink my earlier purchasing decision.
The next day I returned to the Design & Drafting booth and bought LD Assistant. For me, LD Assistant offers more benefits than any other CAD program on the market. I couldn't be happier with my purchase!" Tim Burke

LD Assistant Facts: Benefits:
  • Industry Standard 2D & 3D Drafting & Modeling Tool Set   • Used by 9,000,000 CAD Users World Wide
  • Industry Standard File Format AutoCAD Real DWG   • No Problems Exchanging Files With Architects
  • Built with Autodesk Technology   • Purchase How To Use Books At Local Book Store
  • Built-in Real-Time Walk-through Simulator   • Work With Clients In Real-Time
  • Built-in Pre Cueing No Dongle need   • sACN, Art-Net & Pathport - Coming Soon Hog & MA-Net
  • Autodesk ISV Partner   • Built With Advanced Technology
                                     • If you're having to import and export to AutoCAD DWG files, why not work with the original

• Business Software Alliance (BSA) recently launched website provides useful information to educate consumers and businesses about illegal, fraudulent internet schemes and how to avoid them.
Autodesk Tools Help Destroy the Universe in Roland Emmerich’s Movie “2012”
Manufacturers Mingle with BattleBots, First 3D-Printed Jet Engine and Commercial Spaceflight Pioneer at Autodesk University 2009
3Dconnexion 3D Mice Improve Design Efficiency - Your mouse can add another dimension to design by moving in three dimensions.
Creating Polar Array - using ARRAY command to create 8 copies of circle with radius 20 in AutoCAD, Murat Saraldi, Daily AutoCAD
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Ribbons and Tool Palettes - customizing workspace to get desired tools palette in AutoCAD 2010 drawing, Ralph Grabowski, WorldCAD Access
Maximize Your Screen and Speed Up with Ribbon Shortcut - using shortcuts in AutoCAD ribbon, minimizing ribbon to increase screen space, Edwin Prakoso, CAD Notes
Workaround for AutoCAD Section Plane Problem - ensure that section plane at least touches surface of 3D object, David Cohn, CADman-DO
Understanding Dimensional Constraint - learning about dynamic constraint, annotational dimension, reference constraint, using dimensional constraint in AutoCAD, Edwin Prakoso, CAD Notes
AutoCAD - How to Handle a Corrupted File - using AUDIT, RECOVER commands, Jeff Arbogast, Avatech, Solutions
How Can I Standardize AutoCAD eTransmit Setups? - editing registry settings in AutoCAD, Eat Your CAD
Using AutoCAD Filter - advantages of using filter tool, saving filter, Edwin Prakoso, CAD Notes
Copying All Layers from One Drawing to Another - AutoCAD tip, Orhan Toker, Daily AutoCAD
AutoCAD Quick Select - selecting object properties, including/excluding selection, Edwin Prakoso, CAD Notes
Your Cursor Isn't Moving Smoothly? - defining snap settings, Orhan Toker, Daily AutoCAD
External Reference Tips - using ._XATTACH, ._CLASSICXREF, ._CLASSICIMAGE commands in AutoCAD, R McSwain, CAD Panacea
Understanding Geometric Constraint - AutoCAD 2010 tip, Edwin Prakoso, CAD Notes
HP's new Mini 311 packing in an 11.6-inch, 1,366x768 screen
HP Envy eclipses the Apple MacBook -
Alienware M15x (Intel Core i7 720QM, 250GB HDD, 3GB)
New Apple MacBook review roundup -
BlueWater Technologies has an ongoing need for LD Assistant experienced professionals in the areas of Sales and Operations.
Technician, AutoCAD - C&S Wholesale Grocers needs technician with 4 yrs exp in AutoCAD 2000 or higher, Keene, NH
PSAV Presentation. -Jump-start your career with the world’s largest and fastest growing event technology company! PSAV®
AV Installation Account Executive will sell integrated audio, video, and lighting systems and coordinate projects
TAC Worldwide is currently looking for an Event Manager in San Diego, CA.
Meeting and Event Planner - Professional, non-profit trade associations, is looking for a Meeting and Event Planner
AVI-SPL is looking for Install Technician
The Whitlock Group is looking for an OnSite AV Technician
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