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February 2012
Design & Drafting Transfer of License Customer FAQ

Frequently Asked Question

Q1: What is the Transfer of License (TOL) Policy?

A license transfer involves the transfer of ownership of an Design & Drafting software license from one party, the original licensee (transferor), to a different party, the new licensee (transferee). Transfer of an Design & Drafting software license without the prior written consent of Design & Drafting, is prohibited by the Design & Drafting License and Services Agreement (LSA). Under certain circumstances, Design & Drafting reserves the right to approve an exception and consent to a request for such a transfer of license. In all cases, an agreement to transfer a license is an exception to the LSA and is provided, at Design & Drafting’s discretion. Design & Drafting’s approval of any transfer of license application does not preclude Design & Drafting from rescinding the approval should any violation of representations and warranties or inaccuracy of information be discovered following approval.

Q2: What is a license transfer or transfer of license (TOL)?

Our software licenses are usually not transferrable, but under certain circumstances, we may approve an exception application and consent to a transfer of license—a transfer of license ownership from the original licensee to a new one or a transfer of rights to use the license from one country to another.

Q3. How do I apply for a license transfer exception?

1. Complete the License Transfer Exception Application.

2. Print and sign your Application.

3. Scan your signed Application and save it to your computer in a PDF format.

4. Complete in the online form or PDF

5. Attach all the relevant documentation to your request and a case will be created on your behalf.

Q4. What happens after I send my application to Design & Drafting?

We’ll review your License Transfer Exception Application and contact you if we need any additional information and when we reach our decision—to approve or deny your application.

Generally, complete applications that fall into what we consider to be Standard, are approved. The table below outlines what we generally consider a Standard Transfer of License. Please note, your application must meet ALL of the criteria shown.

Otherwise, consent to a license transfer is subject to Design & Drafting’s sole and absolute discretion.

TOL APPLICATION CRITERIA                                                                                                   STANDARD TOL
                                           (MUST meet ALL criteria)

Geographic location(s) of applicants

(EEA and Switzerland are considered                             

one country for this program)

Application is for a transfer within the same country

Licenses requested to transfer

5 licenses or less (1 TOL/month allowed)

License type of product

Educational or Commercial License

Product Eligibility & Version

Product requested to transfer is either current or listed on the previous version eligibility list (typically 3 versions back)

Application is to transfer from one                                                 

legal entity to another legal entity




Scenario selected is not “business                                                  

liquidation” or “other



Asset sn/ownership matches the                                                     

transferor information in our systems






Q5. If my Application is approved, do I need to pay anything to complete the transfer?

We have eliminated all administrative fees; however, additional charges may be incurred for those applications that are not considered Standard transfer of License. If your application is approved but does not meet the criteria to be classified as a Standard

Transfer of License you will need to:

* Show that the license being transferred was held or used by the original licensee for 12 or more calendar months from the date  of registration.

* Attach subscription to each license requested to transfer. Please note this may require you to get the license onto the most  current release.

 Q6. Can individual license owners apply for a license transfer exception?

Yes, although we generally don’t approve these.

 Q7. Can Educational Institutions apply for a license transfer exception?

 Educational Institutions, defined by Design & Drafting as a primary or secondary educational institution or any degree‐granting or certificate‐granting institution, may apply for a license transfer exception. Consent to a license transfer is subject to Design & Drafting’s sole and absolute discretion.

 Q8. If my license is approved for transfer and has an existing subscription contract, what happens to the subscription entitlement?

If the transfer of license application is approved, the remainder of the existing subscription contract (subscription contracts are typically annual in nature) will transfer with the software license to the new license transferee. Any subscription renewal will be the sole responsibility of the registered owner of the asset at the time of renewal.

Q9. What does Design & Drafting consider proof of my need to transfer a license?

Additional documentation is required to provide proof of the transfer scenario selected.

Examples of acceptable documentation are:

* A press release publicly announcing the basis for the transfer application

* A signed certification under penalty of perjury by a senior executive of each company

* Or other reasonable evidence validating the basis for the transfer application.

* For countries in Asia that involve governmental filings, official letters from the applicable countries’ registries are also required.

In the case of a transfer application from one country to another, documentation must be provided for both the coming from and going to countries as appropriate.

Q10. How do I obtain the media for the licenses that were transferred to me?

The original owner of the software license must provide the recipient of the license with the original product media. If, for some reason, this is not possible, the customer should purchase additional media through their partner.

Q11. My transfer of license application was approved is there anything I need to do now?

Upon approval, the original licensee must transfer all available product media to the new licensee and remove the software from any and all systems.

Design & Drafting reserves the right to alter product offerings and specifications at any time without notice, and is not responsible for typographical or graphical errors that may appear in this document.

© 2012 Design & Drafting, Inc. All rights reserved.

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