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Stage Lighting visualization & 3D visualization
Visualize your ideas like never before, walking and flying through a 3D drawing. Integrate actors into your designs and see them come alive in real-time as you walk through your creation, while you control the lighting with the built-in interface or your console. Have audio and video all playing back at the same. Do More With LD Assistant!

Fully animated flythroughs, flyovers and walkthroughs in real-time allow you to see your show from any angle. By seeing all of this ahead of time, you avoid the onsite frustration of finding out something doesn't work.

Walkthroughs are easily created through an intuitive dialog box.

With Pre-Animation, it's easy to see what your animation will look like - before you spend time waiting for the program to output your animation, only to learn there was a problem and you have to do it again!

Do it right the first time, and leave your competition in the dust as they try and try again.

Video Projectors & Screens
Create real time walkthroughs with movies playing on the screens as you walk or flyover. Walk through the room in real-time or save the walkthrough as an AVI to sent to your client. Through a simple dialog box, LD Assistant creates the projector and screen. You only have to decide what image or movie you want on the screen. LD Assistant tools are designed to streamline every phase of your design process.


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• Send DMX-512 • Receive DMX-512 • Motion Control using DMX Channel • Rotation Control using DMX Channel • Move objects in X, Y or Z • Attach audio files to play back • Export Cues to USITT ASCII file • Create Cues with built-in Controller • Save and play back Cues • Full Screen Review • Real-time Zoom & Pan • Real-time Rendered review • Wire Frame review • Parallel or perspective View • Save Cues as Animation • Save Cues as High Quality Animation • And much more

Real-Time Pre-Visualization
LD Assistant comes with built-in support for sending DMX and receiving DMX. Lighting consoles and lighting systems can be connected using sACN, Pathport Ethernet, Art-Net Ethernet, Art-Net Parallel, LD-Net USB, ENTTEC Ethernet, ENTTEC Pro USB dongle. Once a plot has been created, the design is opened (with one button click) in LD Control, a real-time visualizer for pre-cueing and testing designs. Save scenes and cues within a single DWG file. Creates AVI movies with the push of a button.

No setup is needed to connect your ETC console With sACN, you just plug your LD Assistant computer into the same network as your console and the priority console to 200 away you go. When connecting LD Assistant to Jands Vista PC Software use Pathport protocol.

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