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Stage Lighting Design & Entertainment Lighting Design
Built with the designer in mind, Lighting Design Software LD Assistant provides you with the easiest, most cost-effective way to design your lighting and production plots.

With 2D drafting, 3D modeling, and powerful presentation tools, LD Assistant offers everything you need at a price you can afford. LD Assistant has a full set of precision 2D drafting, powerful 3D modeling and client presentation tools. It also offers a built-in database and a spreadsheet to track materials and costs. All this comes at a price that fits the most modest budget.

There is no need to buy add-ons, plug-ins, rendering engines or visualizer.
It's all included with LD Assistant !

LD Assistant offers an extensive array of advanced menu commands and tools for 2D drafting, including on-screen feedback with the OSNAP, POLAR and OTRACK tools, which identifies end points, intersections, snaps and tangents as you draw. For 3D, LD Assistant supplies 3D modeling, true Boolean operations, extrude, extrude along path, revolve, 3D array, 3D Orbit and other high-end 3D CAD tools and features. LD Assistant's industry standard file structure stores all of the drawings information in a single DWG (AutoCAD®) file to make it easier to manage your design. Changes to your 2D plan will automatically be reflected in your 3D model and in the reports and schedule. There's also a large 2D/3D library with thousands of drag-and-drop objects that are dynamic representations of real-world objects such as fixtures, truss, sound cabinets, people, doors, windows, etc. Spreadsheet and database functions allow you to attach information to objects in your drawing, such as type, size, accessory, cable id, channel, circuit, color, dimmer, DMX channel, DMX line, focus, frame size, gobos, position, part number, unit and pricing information.

Create Plots Quickly
LD Assistant makes it easy to quickly create light, sound and video plots. Designers are able to generate advanced paperwork with the simplicity of a mouse click.

Photometric Lights
LD Assistant's Photometric Lights can use a manufacturer’s IES files for rendering, giving a designer a better real world representation of what the final project will look like. We have also included incandescent, halogen, high and low pressure sodium, fluorescent 4ft & 8ft, mercury vapor, metal halide, street and stadium lights.

Powerful Built-in-Database
With the built-in spreadsheets and database technology provided by Design & Drafting, LD Assistant updates your drawing as you update your schedules. With the Built-in-Database, there is no need to export your work to any outside database / spreadsheets to generate paperwork.

Easily define the data for a schedule. When data is modified in the schedule, it is instantly updated in the drawing. Built-in spreadsheets and databases make it simple to create schedules. LD Assistant allows you to import and export lighting information to and from spreadsheet programs including Microsoft Excel® and Lightwright, or use our built-in spreadsheets and database technology to generate your paperwork.

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