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3D visualization & Stage Lighting visualization
Lighting Design Software LD Assistant offers real breakthroughs in innovation, ease of use and reliability that won't be seen in other programs for years... if ever! And if cutting-edge performance and sheer horsepower is what you desire …

In LD Assistant, as light illuminates a colored object in the model, photons bounce to adjacent objects and tint them with the color of the original object. Indirect illumination enhances the realism of a scene by simulating ‘radiosity’, or the interreflection of light between objects in a scene.

When a material used in LD Assistant is transparent (like clear glass), the energy transmitted is ‘specular’, and light passes directly through the material (subject to refraction). The value of specular transmittance depends on the material's Transparency setting. Usually, when a material has high transmittance, it has low reflectance, and vice-versa.

New presentation tools let you create high-quality renderings with dramatic lighting effects and even animated AVI movies of your designs.

Create photo realistic renderings from within the main drawing area, and render to a window or to a file. You can create new blocks, textures and gobos … or edit existing ones! In LD Assistant, any texture can be altered so the reflection of the image within the texture is visible. Pick and project from over 3,000 gobos - including 400 Apollo® design patterns - or create your own custom gobos.

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