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Advance lighting design software LD Assistant offers Powerful 2D drafting tools at it's core. LDA includes built-in database with work sheets for producing paperwork and equipment lists. The same 2D & 3D tools found in LD Assistant are used by 11,000,000 designers and architects to create their working drawings. Changes to your 2D plan will automatically be reflected in your 3D model and in the schedule.

LD Assistant offers an extensive array of advanced menu commands and tools for 2D drafting, including on-screen feedback with the OSNAP, POLAR and OTRACK tools, which identifies end points, intersections, snaps and tangents as you draw.

Stage Lighting Design, Clear, clean plots
Produces clean plots every time. When you are ready to hand the design back to an architect, you won't have to worry about if it will open - or any other compatibility issues. LD Assistant is built with Autodesk® technology, so it's 100% compatible!

Easily define the data for a schedule. When data is modified in the schedule, it is instantly updated in the drawing. Built-in spreadsheets and databases make it simple to create schedules. LD Assistant allows you to import and export lighting information to and from spreadsheet programs including Microsoft Excel® and Lightwright, or use our built-in spreadsheets and database technology to generate your paperwork.

LD Reports™
This Excel based workbook gives users all the flexibility Excel offers in an easy to use workbook. While the built-in schedules in LD Assistant are easy to use and are interactive with the drawing, at some point the data may need to be exported to another external database program. LD Reports offers ease of use, speed and flexibility in an easy to use Excel workbook.

Choose from over 400 sound cabinets to complete your design. EAW®, EV® X-Series, JBL VerTec®, Apogee®, MSL, Myers and Turbosound® are only a few of the sound cabinets that are included with the program. Or stop by a manufacturer’s website and download their blocks to use in LD Assistant.

Video Projectors & Cameras
Through a simple dialog box, LD Assistant makes the projector and screen. You only have to decide what image you want on the screen. LD Assistant tools are designed to streamline every phase of your design process.

Wire& Cable
Work in the 2D view and draw in a cable run. Then view the cable run from any 3D view. LD Assistant tracks cable ID, tape color, Multi-Length, Jumper#1, 2 & 3. Built-in spreadsheets and database technology easily generates customizable reports and paperwork

Easily Rotate Truss in Any Direction
When you decide to stand a truss section vertically with LD Assistant, you will never be limited in how you rotate a truss; it just rotates!

LD Assistant is a Computer Aided Design Software Package that is a 3D Design Software Program, Event Design Software Program, Event Planning Software Program, Theater Lighting Design Software Program and Stage Lighting Design Software Program all in one easy to use CAD program designed with the professional designer in mind. LD Assistant has an advance Graphic Engine for 3D visualization and 2D Drafting.

LD Assistant Tool Pallet
LD Assistant Plot 1 LD Assistant Plot 2 LD Assistant Plot 3
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